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Program Outcomes

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B. Sc.

1. The B.Sc. programme develops scientific temper and attitude      among the students.
2. Students will able to understand basic facts and concepts, processes, techniques and principles in science subjects such as Chemistry, Physics and Electronics, etc.
3. The Programme helps students to increase their observations, analytical mind, logical thinking, clarity of thought and expression, precision, systematic approach, qualitative and quantitative decisions.
4. The Programme empowers the students to appear the various competitive examinations or join the post graduation, M. Sc. in Chemistry, Physics,   Electronics, Botany, Zoology etc.
5. Science project work helps the graduates to increase their demonstrate skills and applying their knowledge in industry and inspire them to do the research.
6. B.Sc. programme trains the students to extract information, formulate and solve problems in a systematic and logical manner.
7. B.Sc. graduates have job opportunities in various fields such as science, engineering, industries, education, development planning, electronics, information technology, banking, business, publish services, self business etc.








B. A.

1. Students will understand the basic concepts and principles in the language Marathi, Hindi, English and other subject like History, Geography etc.
2. The B.A. graduates will be acquainted with social, political, economical, geographical, historical tradition and thinking.
3. The students will be ignited enough to think and act over the solution of various issues useful in human life to make the society better.
4. Students will inspire to become a writer, poet etc.
5. The programme empowers the graduates to appear the various competitive examinations or join the post graduate programme of their choice.
6. Students are able to analyze the structure of language at different levels (phonological, morphological and syntactic).
7. The programme provides the base to make graduates responsible citizen.








B. Com.

1. The programme helps the students to acquire basic and fundamental knowledge and skills for starting business and commercial activities of their choice.
2. The programme enables the students to acquire knowledge about banking and insurance transactions, management principles, retail trading, accounting knowledge, financial management and business economics.
3. The programme empowers the students to appear various competitive examinations or join the post graduation, M. Com. and other courses like CA, CS, MBA, ICWA etc.
4. The B. Com. Graduates also acquire the knowledge in the field of corporate accounting, corporate law and business laws, statistical and mathematical techniques.
5. Students will be able to respond to the global outlook on opportunities and challenges in accounting and financial sectors.

Principal Message

Dr.Gholap. T. N
Alumni Meet-2019
Date: 03.02.2019
Time: 09 a.m.
Venue: Seminar Hall
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